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Falls Prevention

If you feel that you are at a risk of falling, notify your health care provider immediately.  Clinical staff at the Lady Dunn Health Centre has had special training to help keep you safe.

Quick Facts

One third of people over 65 have a fall each year and the risk of falling increases as age rises.  These are alarming statistics because falls are the leading cause of injury among older people.  Falls can seriously impact independence, resulting in ongoing disability, changes in living arrangements, reduced activity and as a result social isolation and death.  In Ontario, falls were the major cause of injury resulting in an Emergency Room visit (59%) and hospitalization (79%) with the North having the highest fall injury rates in the Province.

Falls represent a considerable financial burden on the healthcare system.  According to the "Report on Seniors Falls in Canada", a 20% reduction in falls would result in a national savings of $138 million annually (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2005).

Additional Resources

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