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Wawa Medical Centre

Dr. E. Kirby

Dr Erle Kirby has been a doctor for 43 yr. During that time he has worked in several different parts of Canada, including St. Marys Ontario, Hay River NWT, and Inuvik NWT. He trained in Family Practice but also took extra training in surgery and anesthesia.  He enjoys the outdoors, bicycling, hockey (although his skills are limited), travel (especially to visit his children and grandchildren), practising medicine in Canada and also international medicine.  He believes that Wawa is an outstanding place in terms of working and living because of the great people he works with here, his relationship with his patients and the beauty and accessibility of the land.

 Dr. C. Stamler

Dr. Chris Stamler is a graduate of the University of Toronto Medicine School and the Queen’s Family Medicine Residency Program.  Prior to starting medicine, he completed a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa.  Dr. Stamler has a PhD in Human Nutrition from McGill University where he studied health impacts of environmental pollutants on arctic and rural communities.  Dr. Stamler is married and has two young daughters.  He grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. As a teenager he earned his private and commercial pilot’s license and always dreamed of becoming a bush pilot so he could live in Northern Ontario.  When he’s not at the Lady Dunn Health Centre, he would like to be found paddling, trail running, skiing, camping or climbing.

Dr. J. Weinstein

Dr. Julie Weinstein has been coming to Wawa for many years – well before she moved here permanently in 2012.  She and her husband loved camping in Lake Superior Provincial Park, and after Dr. Weinstein finished medical school and residency at the University of Toronto, they came up and tried a locum.  Shortly thereafter they decided to move here for good.  Dr. Weinstein does a mix of family, emergency and hospital medicine and enjoys the challenge and variety of rural practice.  During her time off, she takes in nature in many ways including bird watching, hiking and camping. 

Dr. A. Oberai

Dr. Anjali Oberai has been working in Wawa since 1998.  She graduated from the University of Ottawa, along with her husband, Dr. Mike Cotterill, and together they moved to Wawa where they raised two children.  Dr. Oberai loves both rural medicine and all that life has to offer in rural Ontario.     


Dr. M. Cotterill - Acting Chief of Staff

Dr. Mike Cotterill is a family doc who has been practising - along with his wife, Dr. Anjali Oberai - in Wawa for 17 years.  A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Dr. Cotterill worked as a locum before settling in Wawa.  His work interests include endoscopy and emergency medicine.  His hobbies include just about anything outdoors. 

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